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Welcome to Republic City and A Leaf in the Wind premiered on TV two years ago today, starting the era of The Legend of Korra. Happy anniversary Team Avatar!

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the next two avatars after korra!

Avatar Shen (Earth Kingdom)

  • his story takes place in the avatar world’s equivalent of 2014
  • Korra’s reign leaves the world with prosperity and order, but by her death and the 16 years until the next avatar is announced, consumerism takes over
  • it’s the media age, and the avatar is a huge celebrity, famous for being famous, with little role in the active politics of the world
  • his picture is an ad for the avatar world’s equivalent of coca-cola lol except green because it’s earth kingdom i guess
  • and you can see him wearing… Naiki ;)
  • the text reads: “Coba-Cola / The drink of champions! / Avatar Shen always cools off with Coba-Cola after bending all four elements!” (except I used google translate so it’s probably not even close to that)
  • his character is slightly based off the unused concept for Toph before they made her a girl - Shen is too cool for his own good and full of himself, but how could you not be when your face is plastered on every other billboard and tv screen!!
  • i’m sure you can imagine how much fun spirit Korra has mentoring him
  • i tried to make his clothes look like the modern evolution of what we’ve seen in lok
  • and he’s earth/waterbending the metal can and drink inside - i think it would be really interesting to see how bending is incorporated into modern life

let’s just say Avatar Shen pulled a Kuruk and since things were going great and he had everything handed to him, he had no idea how to deal with big issues when they came around like overpopulation, economic collapse, and climate change, which sent the world into a dystopian, crumbling state


Avatar Nayu (Fire Nation)

  • her story takes place in a futuristic sci-fi time period
  • the earth’s resources are being rapidly depleted and the class divide is at an irreparable level
  • the concepts of the avatar and traditional four nations have become largely ignored and forgotten, and there is a high level of both internal and international tension ever since global relations fell through and a cold-war-esque everybody-fends-for-themselves situation arose
  • Nayu is kind of a robin hood figure, siphoning fuel from the privileged class’ transports as it has become a highly-priced commodity. she sells it on the black market and is saving up the money to find a way to learn the other three elements, since no one seems to care that she’s the avatar (and Shen doesn’t reallt know how to help as a spirit guide)
  • she is pictured escaping a factory she infiltrated and started a fire in, wearing a stolen guard’s uniform
  • again, i tried to evolve the fire nation clothing we saw in atla and lok to look futuristic

through her exploits, Nayu becomes caught up in the shady world of corrupt governments and rising social insurgence. when she starts to learn of her past incarnations all the way back to Avatar Aang, and what the Avatar once meant to the world, her mission transforms into one of revolution - to bring peace and balance back to the world


all of that is just my personal set of headcanons on what could become of the Avatar world in the coming generations after Korra, completing the current iteration of the cycle started with Aang.

*i didn’t draw either background btw

feel free to use these characters and ideas in your own fan works (as long as you credit and tag me) or don’t, either way it was really fun to come up with Shen and Nayu and their stories :)

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airbender elf! ^ U ^


airbender elf! ^ U ^

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✦✦✦ The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change ✦✦✦
fake gifs i made based on my take on what book 3 could be like / second one is a real still animated ]

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Artist’s depiction of the Hindu concept of Atman; Aang and Korra’s Cosmic Selves 

In Hindu philosophy, Atman refers to the innermost essence of an individual. It lies beneath and guides all the activities of a person just as Brahman, the Absolute All, underlies the workings of the whole universe.

When Aang encounters his Atman, it is during the act of unlocking his Crown Chakra and relinquishing all worldly attachments.

Korra, however, achieves enlightenment when she connects with the cosmic energy of the universe, and in doing so uncovers the fundamental truth of Atman - it is both part of and identical to Brahman. Thus, she is able to project her Atman into the physical plane of existence, having become a master of time and space.

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The Legend of Korra, 101 ⇨ 214

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