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bless studio mir

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journey to ba sing se

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asami is always tasteful with her instagram filters, and “come to ba sing se” is the avatar world equivalent of “come to brazil” :)

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The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change - Mega Trailer

I put this together from all the Book 3 content released so far (no leaks don’t worry!) with new music, extended clips, and a more cinematic style.

Get excited because the Legend resumes THIS FRIDAY at 7!

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Korranews presents: the 333 project.

Book 3: Change. 3 premiere episodes. 3 million viewers goal.

Why a viewership goal of 3 million? In 2012, Book 1 of The Legend of Korra premiered to 4.55 million viewers and averaged 3.71 million. This was when the series had a Saturday morning time slot, engaging, exciting advertising, and as a result: successful ratings. Beginning with the wait for Book 2, Nickelodeon stopped communicating with fans, and when it finally arrived, the show was subsequently moved to the Friday night “death slot,” had little marketing, and had the air time changed with no warning several times.

Book 2 premiered to 2.60 million viewers, at one point dropping to 1.10 million, averaging only 2.06, and failing to even near 3 million again.

Well now we have arrived at Book 3. We can’t let Nickelodeon’s heinous mismanagement of this fantastic show cripple its ability to reach the wide audience it deserves.

There is one week until the Book 3 premiere and in that time, Korra fans can help it reach the goal of 3 million viewers by doing any and all of the following things:

  • share the trailer
  • share the recently released clips
  • share and create other content such as fan art, fan fiction, and memes (yes) about the show
  • do so on various social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, and reddit, and in real life, whatever is at your disposal
  • on twitter, even just mentioning the show and your excitement for book 3 is free publicity. we may organize an attempt at trending something closer to release!
  • always indicate the premiere date and time: Friday, June 27th @ 7pm EST
  • share the goals of the 333 project elsewhere using the hashtag #333project to maximize the number of people on board

Team Avatar is back!

The Legend resumes on Friday, June 27th @ 7pm EST.

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Book 3: Change scenery/locations | official trailer

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fixed to the best of my abilities :)

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